Visit The Big Trees

I just posted a new page for VIBT which is accessed by a button under the banner. It is called "Visit The Big Trees", and in it I list some of the big tree places that I have visited, or would like to visit.

It is my hope that this list will encourage others to visit these ancient trees and endangered places. Some locations are in parks, others are on private land. A few are currently threatened by ongoing logging. By visiting these places we can recognize their importance and work toward preserving them.

Most of all, I want to introduce people to a beauty that is unparalleled globally. Vancouver Island has some of the most beautiful trees and forests on the planet. Plan to go see them, and prepare to be blown away. Be wary of wild and natural locations. And big puddles.

Link to the 'Visit The Big Trees" page here.


  1. Anonymous26/6/10

    This is an absolutely beautiful blog. It makes me want to jump on a plane and come over! I admire and share your love of trees, such magical creatures. I was in awe of the trees on a visit to Australia last year! I am writing a blog with some environmental themes, too...Please take a look...

  2. Thank you for visiting, and for your comment. If you do jump on a plane and come over you will know where to find the giants. In the meantime, visit VIBT often for a less expensive way to enjoy our temperate rainforest.


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