Shirley's Save Our Salmon Festival Proceeds To Protect Muir Creek

Muir Creek is a haven for old growth trees and three species of salmon

With all the activity in land changing hands along the south west coast of Vancouver Island lately, Muir Creek and its old growth shaded waters sometimes doesn't get the respect it deserves. The 5th Annual S.O.S. Festival being held Saturday, April 23 at the Shirley Community Hall, 15km west of Sooke, is hoping to change that.

Festivities start at 1:00 PM and run till 1:00 AM. Bands start after the opening ceremony at 4:30 PM. Tickets (on a sliding scale) at Stick In The Mud in Sooke, or call Amanda Swinimer 250-818-2433. See more here.

The Festival will have fun family events during the day, and an age limit of 19 and over in the evening. All proceeds from this event go toward saving Muir Creek.

About Muir Creek
  • The second largest Pacific Yew tree lives among the Muir Creek old growth.
  • While 2nd largest overall, this tree has the largest circumference of any Yew in British Columbia - 3.6 meters (12 feet)
  • Land belongs to Timber West, a private logging and residential land development company.
  • Three species of salmon call Muir creek home - they, like us, need clean water
  • S.O.S. is hoping to resume talks with CRD, local politicians, and Timber West regarding saving this precious resource for the future.
  • Intensive logging is currently taking place in the upper watershed newer forest
  • The location has been used by First Nations since ancient times
  • There is a diversity of wildlife in the area, some are threatened by habitat loss
  • Groups have been working to save this special area, and would appreciate your support. Attend the festival. Donate. See more here.
  • See Muir Creek for yourself - witness what we are in danger of losing.

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