Green Forestry Jobs Now

Creating a green economy, including a green forestry sector, is going to be essential for BC as it heads into a rapidly changing world.

British Columbia's current government is intent on the status quo, and is even recommending increasing the export of whole logs harvested in the province's public forests. That is not sustainable, not green, and not in the best interests of the forests, or the people of BC.

Forward thinkers are outlining alternatives that will restore our forests at the same time as thousands of new jobs are created.

If the BC Forest Service was restored to pre-2001 levels it alone would add 1000 new jobs. It would also ensure that no government could plead ignorance while making crucial forestry decisions.

In a 2012 report the BC Auditor General warned that, "existing management practices are insufficient to offset a trend toward future forests having a lower timber supply and less species diversity."

It is time for the greening of BC's forestry industry. Read more at Green Jobs BC.

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