Goldstream Provincial Park's 600 Year Old Trees

Goldstream Provincial Park is an area of old growth forest just 16km from downtown Victoria. This towering green haven has two components - a day use area and a campground. The two parts are separated by Highway 1. Goldstream River runs through them both and supports a strong salmon run.

These photos are from the campground area which is dotted with old Douglas fir, Grand fir, Hemlock, and Western red cedar. Even larger trees are accessible by hiking the Upper Goldstream Trail. Several of these trees are well over 600 years old.

Look up, way up. A fat Douglas fir reaches for the sky.

Deeply furrowed, moss-covered trunks are scattered throughout the park. The massive Douglas fir and western red cedar are mixed with western yew and hemlock, red alder, big leaf maple and black cottonwood. Some of the Black cottonwoods in the day use area are very large. This time of the year the cottonwoods are flowering and smell like sweet spring time.

Goldstream Provincial Park is a tree lovers haven and a precious sanctuary for pavement pounders looking for a quick nature fix in natural, quiet surroundings.

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