Tree Meditation

The big trees of Vancouver Island (and the world) need friends now like never before. On southern Vancouver Island the majority of original Douglas fir forest is gone. The Victoria Chapter of the Western Canada Wilderness Committee estimated that only 13% of the original old-growth forests on the South Island remained after a 2004 survey. Now logging companies like Timber West are selling forest land for real estate development. Once that happens, the forest is gone forever.

Like trusted pets, trees are good listeners. And if you listen closely, you will also find that trees, especially the ancients, will gladly impart life lessons to you. Friends, as Shakti Gawain tells us, come in many forms. The following is her prescription for regular visits to your own special tree:

Tree Meditation

"Find a special tree. Sit under it, or climb up and sit in it, or stand close to it and put your arms around it, finding whatever way feels right to relate to it physically.

Close your eyes and relax into a meditative state of mind. Imagine that this tree is a mother, father, brother, or sister to you. Talk to it in your mind and tell it how you feel about it. Then let your mind be quiet, and let yourself receive the energy from this tree. You may find it to be nurturing, or strong, or wise, or perhaps humorous. Trust whatever relationship you feel with this tree.

If you live nearby, come to see your tree often. You may find it to be a very comforting and loving friend."

The Pacific Coast forests, spared catastrophic forest fires due to the wet climate, are ancient and special. Old growth trees, any where from 250 to 1000 years old exude an energy field similar to an eighty year old sea turtle or a hundred year old human elder. Slow, patient, strong, with lessons learned by successfully navigating the storms of life. It is at our peril that we ignore what our elders have to teach us.

Tree meditations are a two way street. You will feel better, and the tree will be strengthened by your presence.

Ground yourself. Visit your favourite tree today. Visit your tree often. It is a mutually healing encounter. Do you have a favourite tree? Or forest?