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TimberWest Forest Corp.
Third Floor,
856 Homer Street
Vancouver, BC 
Canada V6B 2W5
Phone: (604) 654-4600
Fax: (604) 654-4571 

Elected Officials

Members of the Legislative Assembly of B.C.
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Even today with most of Vancouver Island's most productive old growth forests already logged, 3/4 of coastal forest logging is of ancient forests. Over 3/4 of that is done by the most destructive (but most profitable) method available - clear cut logging.

Oversight in our forests is being diminished by the very people entrusted to care for them with future generations and wilderness in mind. Because of the lack of government care for the public interest, our original forests continue to disappear.

The government's pro-industry mandate for our Crown forests is to maintain a commercial supply of 'fibre', and protect investor interests. The citizens did not approve this change in mandate, nor did the endangered species that are disappearing due to habitat destruction.

Lower Avatar Grove, Port Renfrew
We can let government and industry know that we care about our forests, and demand they be utilized in a sustainable fashion for a variety of stakeholders. Our oldest trees are disappearing, and with them go wilderness, diversity, water-cleaning capabilities, carbon storage, soil retention, air quality, cultures and jobs.

It is time to take back our trees and forests before they are sold off for fibre farms, whole log exports, and residential development. Contact corporate and elected officials and let them know how you feel about the ongoing profit-driven destruction and enclosure of our public forests.

Want To Do More?
  • say NO to single use paper products like paper towels, cups, tissue...
  • phone Yellow Pages and tell them not to deliver to your house
  • develop a personal connection to the ancient forest - gently visit the trees
  • do not buy old growth wood
  • boycott endangered B.C. cedar which is being harvested unsustainably
  • spread the word - tell others about the state of our forests
  • press the government for action on endangered species and habitat destruction
  • go paperless with your monthly bills
  • donate to a group working to protect old growth forests
  • if your community does not have a tree protection bylaw, suggest one
  • consider quitting the toilet paper habit (millions of trees are cut annually to feed our habit - consider using water and reusable cloth wipes)
  • use only 100% post consumer content if you use toilet paper
  • speak out against helicopter logging which is taking some of the last remaining big trees from previously inaccessible areas


  1. Anonymous7/3/19

    It would be helpful if you would add a link to a Canadian source where we can buy seedlings of the endangered trees. I'm sure there are lots of people who''d buy them and transplanted them. It might be hard to stop the cutting down of trees, but no one will stop someone from planting trees. We just need the sources of seedlings or cones identified. Thanks

  2. Thank you to the person that commented here to ask about suppliers of tree seeds. The comment got lost in moderation, but I am posting a link to some British Columbia seed suppliers.

    We CAN stop the cutting down of our ancient forests, as has been shown many times by caring activists that are willing to wage a "War In The Woods", among other activities that work.

    But that does not mean that we can't also plant trees in great numbers. Why not plant trees everywhere we can?

  3. Hi Myles! I'd love to talk to you about making a short film. Can you send me an email? Love this blog.


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