Building A Bench In Big Tree Country

I am interested in the ways people have creatively used trees to meet our various needs, especially in the coastal forest where trees are plentiful. Wood is a versatile material and has been used to build everything from buildings to boardwalks, and roads to railroad bridges. When I came across this bench in Sooke I was immediately intrigued, and not just because I needed a rest. It is a beautiful, and functional, piece of wood.

The bench is made out of a large Western red-cedar log, and is about 5 - 7 meters long. It is about as rustic and robust as you can get - I appreciate its simple design. Considering the rot-resistance of cedar, this bench will outlast many of the people that will sit on it over the years.

The cedar log bench can be found on Kaltasin Road, and is part of an award-winning neighbourhood improvement project spearheaded by Edith Newman. Many volunteers worked to pull this beautiful project together, including the making of this log bench. Local go-to guy Maywell Wickheim donated the cedar log, and his son-in-law helped to make the bench and set it in place.

When in Sooke check out this community beautification project. Enjoy the paintings on the fence, and the plants and flowers. See how a bench is made in big tree country and have a little sit down.

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