10 Ways Trees Are Better Than People

Society knows the price of trees, but very little of their value. Indeed, it is hard to overestimate the value of trees.

There are some that believe that the end of trees and forests means the end of civilization. But still some people insist on continuing the deforestation of our planet for short term gain. I often wonder what is wrong with them.

This leads me to believe that in some ways trees are better than people. There is a lot to be learned from the wisdom of trees if only we took the time to observe and learn.

10 Ways Trees Are Better Than People
  1. Trees stay put in one place and do no harm.
  2. Trees support each other in cooperative communities (forests).
  3. Trees withstand centuries of harsh conditions without complaining.
  4. Trees don't take more than they need to survive.
  5. Trees are patient. Very, very patient.
  6. Trees improve the environment in which they live.
  7. Trees don't do crazy things to impress other trees.
  8. Trees don't get messed up and kill others of their kind.
  9. Trees give, and give with no expectation of reciprocity. 
  10. Trees are frequently harmed by humans, but rarely are humans harmed by trees.
We would be wise to emulate trees. If we did the world would be a better place for trees and people alike. Visit a tree near you and spend some quiet time with it. It will, over time, pass on what lies deep in its heart(wood). You will be a better person for it.
"Because they are primeval, because they outlive us, because they are fixed, trees seem to emanate a sense of permanence.  And though rooted in earth, they seem to touch the sky.  For these reasons it is natural to feel we might learn wisdom from them, to haunt about them with the idea that if we could only read their silent riddle rightly we should learn some secret vital to our own lives." - Kim Taplin


  1. I really like this post. Thank you!
    I believe that each one of us can (and should) model our lives after these qualities that you list. Getting others to do so is another story altogether ( then again trees don't impose there will on others)

  2. Forest Keeper,

    Glad you enjoyed this post. I enjoyed writing it, and it really made me think about why I enjoy trees so much. Others will get the message through witnessing the example of gentle living souls, whether they are human or woody.

  3. Thank you for this piece. I agree. Trees are so precious and so many people just don't get it.


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