50% of World's Forests Logged

With 50% of the world's forests already affected by logging, it is important that we take responsibility for caring for what is left. There are things that each of us can do to help save our forests.

Saving for all the other living things that depend on it, for future generations of humans to use and enjoy, and for the simple fact that forests as 'super-organisms' have the right to exist unimpeded by greed and mismanagement.

Each of us can do things to help save the world's forests:
  • be conscious of how we are using paper and other wood products - don't waste, recycle
  • buy wood products to last - a good wood cutting board could last generations if cared for properly
  • only buy certified wood products
  • refuse to use single use paper products
  • go paperless - printers cost a lot to maintain. We got rid of ours, and if we really need to print something out we go to the public library.
  • if you own a forest, practice good stewardship - you are only borrowing it from future generations
  • lobby politicians for an end to old growth logging - some countries have already put a moratorium on old growth logging, such as Japan and New Zealand.
  • consider alternatives to wood as a building material - steel, concrete, straw bale...
  • get out and visit big trees and old growth areas - let people know you value these special places

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