Seasons Greetings

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Seasons Greetings from Vancouver Island Big Trees.

We look forward to a new year of working to increase public awareness of the amazing wealth of trees on Vancouver Island, as well as the numerous threats to their continued survival.

It is our hope that throughout 2011 this blog will engender a sense of appreciation in readers for the contributions trees make to our lives. Ecological services amount to trillions of dollars per year alone, and include things like water filtration and soil retention. Trees, especially in ancient forests, provide habitat for thousands of organisms. Look around your home - how many things are made of wood?

VIBT encourages everyone to go outdoors and to witness the trees in their actual setting, preferably at different times of the year. The big trees are a major feature of the land and add a beauty that is unique to this area. Being in the forest with mossy thousand year old giants rising up all around is an experience that many will tell you is akin to a visit to a cathedral.

It is nature's cathedral, and it needs our help to protect it from further desecration.

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