Sooke Solstice Tree

We don't set up a tree indoors this time of year - there are plenty of beautiful trees just outside.

Our Solstice Tree does not need to be cut down and consumed, then thrown in the garbage or chipped. It does not need to be decorated, either.

Our tree has Old Man's Beard hanging lichen that looks just like green tinsel. The drops of morning dew hanging on the lichen and the needles are strings of little lights glinting brilliantly with the sun's rays.

The branches are adorned by chirping chickadees and brilliant crested kingfishers. Up top instead of an angel, a Great blue heron or two tops off our wildlife-trimmed tree.

Happy solstice!

Do visit Vancouver Island Big Trees in the new year, and together we will explore, and save, the old growth.


  1. Love your blog on big trees...I am an artist/writer immersed in the magic and nature of old growth forests here in Washington State...just trying to spark some interest in nature and particularly forests. Glad I found your blog!

    1. Hey neighbour! We are glad you found us, and share our passion for the trees of the Pacific Temperate Rain Forest.

      I love your big tree art, and would really like to feature some of it here in a post in the new year. I highly recommend big tree art-loving readers click on your name above to visit your beautiful website.

      Your interpretive signs were of particular interest as I was once a naturalist, and am an avid park user to this day. I appreciate the importance and beauty of the work you, and other artist/writers, are doing.

      Magic, indeed!


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