Salvaging Western Red Cedar In Clayoquot Sound

Tofino's Salvage Towing salvaging a red cedar in Clayoquot Sound

Marine salvage of big trees has always been a part of BC's forest industry, and continues to this day. In Clayoquot Sound by Tofino, Salvage Towing wrangles large trees that fall into water, and float them to their small sawmill.

This 'eco-lumber' is environmentally friendly since it replaces cutting trees in the forest.

Salvaged wood from the small mill is used for value-added enterprises such as furniture making. These photos were taken from the Tofino company website Adirondackchaironline.com. They use reclaimed wood to make beautiful eco-furniture.

Sustainably built furniture from reclaimed Western red cedar

Using reclaimed wood is another way to help relieve pressure on our remaining old growth forests.

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