Save Mary Lake Campaign Nears Deadline

Riparian habitat in the Mary Lake forest, photo: Savemarylake
Bob McMinn, one time mayor of the Highlands District outside of Victoria, BC, knew he was taking on a huge challenge when he launched the Save Mary Lake Campaign back in October of 2010. At stake - 107 acres of a globally significant, endangered wild forest slated to be sold for upscale housing estates. But Bob is a determined, tech savy elder that is willing to go the extra mile to save a special place he knows and loves.

$4.5 million dollars needs to be raised, including $1 million of it by a February 1, 2011 deadline. As of January 19th $199,000 had been raised with the deadline looming. Please consider helping Bob save the Highland's Mary Lake forest... soon!

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Only 6% of the tiny Coastal Douglas-fir Eco-zone is protected.
Even the BC government should agree that Bob's quest is a good one. A brochure they published states that:
"though it is one of the smallest of British Columbia’s 14 ecological zones, the Coastal Douglas-fir Zone is home to some of the province’s most interesting and diverse ecosystems. A mild climate has also given this area some of the province’s rarest vegetation, which is seriously threatened by growing human settlement".
Although the government should step in and provide funding for preserving what it says is endangered forest, we can not count on them. It is up to the people.

Of course, contacting Pat Bell, Minister of Forest, Mines, and Lands can't hurt either. Find his contact information here. Tell him you would like Mary Lake and other old growth remnants in the devastated CDF eco-zone protected before they are all converted into mansionettes on mini-estates.

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