Top 10 Most Read VIBT Posts Of 2010

Ancient cedar in the coastal forest
Last year the VIBT blog hosted 7 700 visits from 92 countries. Visits have been growing steadily all year as more and more big tree lovers have found their way to our growing site.

The interest shown in the content here is greatly appreciated, and helps us meet our goals of raising awareness of, appreciation for, and protection of our life-giving trees.

These were the top 10 most read VIBT posts in 2010:
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    1.    The Giant Sequoias Of Beacon Hill Park
    2.    Multi-century Cedars: Canada's Largest, Oldest Trees
    3.    The Tallest Spruce Trees In The World: Carmanah/Walbran Provincial Park
    4.    Forest Creatures: Snakes and Slugs
    5.    World's Largest Known Douglas-fir In Danger?
    6.    Historical Logging Books Reveal The Ancient Forest
    7.    Vancouver Island Home To Some Of B.C.'s Tallest, Largest, Oldest Trees
    8.    Sooke Potholes Parks: Remnant Old Growth Forest
    9.    Oldest Tree On Record In Canada
    10.  B.C. Government Puts Moratorium On Logging Old Growth (April 1 post)

Thanks for visiting and celebrating the big trees with us.

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