Celebrate Earth Day - End Deforestation

Trees give generously and have, since the Wood Age began. But they get little respect in our current cut and run, fibre for profit world.

Trees are necessary for many things. I pause on Earth Day to acknowledge the thousands of ways we benefit from our forests. I am grateful for everything made possible by the amazing properties of trees.

I thank the people that bring wood products to me. Having said that, we must come up with a sustainable manner of managing our forest resources.

Global deforestation is a problem that will come to haunt us, and probably sooner than later. More than 80% of the planet's original forests have been destroyed. With erosion and soil depletion, many forests will never regrow.

Canada, and British Columbia are among the worst offenders. The destruction in our forests must end, or we will. We need trees, and Mother Earth is only a good source of timber when we treat her with respect.

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