Why We Can't Save Our Last Old Growth

Logging? What logging?
It may be cynical, but I often wonder if anyone is actually paying attention to what is happening globally to our original forests, the likes of which we may never see again.

It is a fact that life is complicated, with many distractions. But let us look at the facts of what we are losing while being consumed by all our trivial things.

  • Vancouver Island has lost over 75% of its productive old growth forests, including 90% of the valley bottoms where the biggest trees and richest biodiversity are found.
  • continued old growth logging below 30% of intact forests creates a high probability of massive species loss 
  • 99% of the old growth coastal Douglas-fir forest on Vancouver Island has been logged already 
  • some of the biggest, tallest, and oldest trees on earth are still being logged in British Columbia
Governments and multinational logging companies are planning on taking 100% of our original forests. If we don't wake up and stop them, who will?

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