Sunriver Nature Park Trail

Sunriver Trail runs alongside the beautiful, salmon-bearing Sooke River

One of my favourite easy big tree get-aways close to home is the Sunriver Nature Park Trail which runs along the west bank of the Sooke River in the Sunriver neighbourhood in Sooke, BC.

Ancient Western red cedar

Even after the early years of resource extraction, and now with a residential development spreading across previously forested lands all along Phillips Road and the river, it is still possible to find the odd gigantic, ancient tree, and some peace and quiet.

Sun sets on a small patch of older forest

I took these photographs on a recent late afternoon hike along the Sunriver Trail which leaves Phillips Rd and extends along the river for about a kilometre. Even though I have been hiking here dozens of times, I see something new each time.

The area has the faint whiff of the primeval forest, and it is only a short bike ride from home.

Big moss and lichen covered maples populate the forest along with Douglas-fir, cedar, hemlock, and Grand fir

There may be houses encroaching on this beautiful spot, but for now it thankfully remains a semi-wild sanctuary for lovers of nature, big trees, and quiet. When you go, watch for bear, cougar, and other wildlife. 

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