More Tree Advocates Needed


"Every tree has its enemy, few have an advocate. In all my works I take the part of trees against all their enemies."

- JRR Tolkien

With the state of our forests in Canada and around the globe, we could use more tree advocates. 

There are many today who are doing a wonderful job of protecting the old growth for future generations to enjoy, and I thank them all from the depths of my tree-loving heart. 

But they need our help, and they need it soon.

The world needs all of us to advocate for the trees. Because they can't advocate for themselves.

The big trees have their enemies that must be stopped. Consider becoming an advocate before all the old growth is gone.

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  1. Thank you for being an advocate! I live in Calgary where there are very few big trees. Surprisingly, there is a stand of Douglas firs along the Bow River that has been protected by the legacy of George Wood, who started an orphanage and his land is now a sanctuary for some 500 year old fir trees. I love them all! Fairy Creek inspired me to take action and phone / email John Horgan and Katrine Conroy on a regular basis. I donate to the Ancient Forest Alliance and the Rain Forest Trust. I'm now running a daily campaign on social media providing reasons why we should protect old growth forests. You can check out @rio.sky.davinci on Instagram or @winexus on Twitter. I also email Horgan and Conroy every day. I really like your blog and I may borrow some of your quotes for my campaign (with a credit and link provided). Keep up the great work and hopefully more people will be drawn into action. Losing these forests is a tragedy and companies like Teal Jones shouldn't be supported in their on-going efforts to wipe them out.


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